FAQs english: Export Environment from dot2 3D

  • Is it possible to merge an existing 3D environment from dot2 3D into another showfile?

    For example: I've started to create my showfile in dot2 3D. I've placed all the trusses and made the scenery set. Now I would like to get this data into a showfile which I've created on the console. How can I do this?

  • Yes, this is possible! The following steps will guide you thru the process:

    - make sure that no session is running in your system
    - load the showfile with the existing 3D environment
    - open the drop down menu "File" and click "Export" > "Export Environment" (this will export only the 3D environment)
    - open the showfile in which the patch is already made (on a dot2 console or onPC)
    - start a session and invite the dot2 3D software
    - click again on the drop down menu "File" > "Import" > "Import Environment"

    This is the way how you can import an existing dot2 3D environment into another showfile. :thumbup:

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