Changing Slot info in fixture builder?

  • I'm building a fixture that has a gobo wheel. How can I change it so the gobo names show up on the dot2 with selection buttons? Right now I can only see the gobos in calculator window with raw: gobo selected. Gobo1 selected doesn't work nor show any gobos I put in the builder, I'm guessing as to all the slots show "-". Ive tried right click, double click, etc.

  • I tried editing the xml file with the slot index code i found from another fixture file off this site, but I just crash the console when i select the USB drive in the fixture library..

  • Unfortunately this is not possible with the fixture builder.

    The software was designed to create a really simple Fixture Type, which makes sure that you can run the show - more or less comfortable....

    To get a Fixture Type with visualized Gobo- or Color Wheels please contact
    We need a manual of the fixture and an information about the mode which should be used.

    Best Regards!

    MA Lighting Int.