How to edit/save as profiles already in board

  • Hey,

    So I'm trying to make a profile for a fixture, and Im trying to find where the already existing profiles are located so that I can edit an existing fixture.

    For instance, Im trying to put the ADJ Vbar into my console, whose profile is exactly the same as the ADJ Flat Par QA12x, but say for instance i just want to change its name. Or change the color of one of the RGB channels.

    Does anyone know If i can edit/duplicate or access the currently existing .xml files to edit in the fixture editor? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    that is at the moment not possible. Sorry!
    We need something like a fixture wizard, which is on our todo list for one of the upcoming upgrades.

    At the moment you can only use the Fixture Builder from the dot2 website. With the software you can create the fixture files and export them to your USB pen. Then you need to import the files into the showfile.


  • Install dot2 onPC on your computer and copy a fixture out of the inbuilt library.
    You can find the fixtures in Windows at: C:Programdata/Ma Lighting /dot2 /library
    Not 100%sure if all the folder names are correct, just follow the path.

    It is a hidden folder in Windows so change your folder settings first.
    Be careful, everything you move or delete here will affect the behavior of dot2 onPC permanently.
    Import this to the fixture builder, make the changes and save the file to the library folder of your USB drive.

    Import the fixture from the USB to the console.

  • Sorry Lars. Didn't realized this. I had often imported fixtures into the fixture builder that I never expected that this is not working.

    But changing fixtures from dot2 with gma2 onPC will work, right?

  • I tried this. Export an fixture from grandMA2 on PC to a XML file. But when I import this into the fixture builder Only the name is filled in. Here are no channel and a wrong type.

  • I tried it again and it doesn't work. It's an Laptop with Windows 7 32 Bit.
    No MA software was ever installed bevor. New installation on last friday (2016-05-20) of
    - grandMA2 on PC
    - grandMA2 3D
    - fixture builder
    - dot2 onPC 1.2.0
    - dot2 3D 1.2.0

    1) Starting grandMA onPC (new show)
    2) Setup > Patch & Fixture schedule
    3) Enter layer name "test"
    4) click on "from library" on the right side
    5) I tried it with "W19L10" in the edit field for the fixture
    6) Import the 14+ channel version
    7) Don't change anything an klick apply
    8) Select the "BT19L12+ 1" at the Layet "test"
    9) klick export fixture
    10) Save to USB 1
    11) Then I tried it with every save option
    12) In the Fixture Builder click file > import...
    13) choose the xml-file from the folder gma2/fixtures and click open
    14) And no channels are there

    I tried it with a lot of different fixtures. Always the same.

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  • You need to export the fixturetype, not a fixture.

    when in onPC FixtureSchedule, press the FixtureTypes button on the right side, then select the fixturetype in the list, and press export.

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