dot2 software v1.1.95.0 is now online

  • Hello everybody,

    we have got a new release Software version! :)

    It´s called and it´s now available for download:

    We have been listening carefully to your wishes and suggestions, so you should find a lot of them in this new one.

    So, what´s in there ?

    New: multi page operating (Auto Fix is now an option)
    New: time concept
    New: fader assignment
    New: timecode and record function
    New: MIDI and Midi Show Control functions
    New: All Presets Pool
    New: Cue Protection
    New: additional languages
    New: dot2 can be locked now!

    These are just the main Topics,
    lots of things have been improved as well -
    f.e. we have added over 400 new fixtures into the libary!

    But please have a look yourself into the release notes for details:

    Your exsisting Shows from earlier Software Versions should be compatible,
    but you should check them before you go out and use them on a Job directly...

    Have fun! :thumbup:


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    Glyn O'Donoghue
    MA Lighting Int.

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