dot2 onPC Multi Monitor Setup

  • Hi there,

    I was wondering if there are any features available on the dot2 onPC software that would allow for an easier way to manage views across a multi monitor setup.

    Right now the software has the windows of an external monitor, two B-wings, two F-wings, and a Core fader all associated under the same program window.

    It would be awesome if I could say, assign the window of my core fader to monitor one on my PC and then the window of F-wing 1 to the second monitor on my PC.

    Though it is great to have so many points of control, I honestly find it to be a little distracting and would love to be able to scale things independently as opposed to having everything so interconnected.


  • I am just going to get a wide touchscreen monitor and output the desktop to this screen so the entire thing will be accessible. Since this is a function of the computer output I should be able to use it just as if I was running it on a touch screen computer only on a larger scale. Say 21".

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  • No issues here running 23 inch touchscreen running OnPC with Pathport Manager, ProPresenter for our Environmental Projection and Scrims on Windows 10. We also have a 23 inch touchscreen hooked into our dot2 Console.

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  • You guys that use 23” touch screens, do you have som fader wing in addition or just use the faders on the screen?

    Think of changing my setup and ditch the two APC20 I have.

  • DisplayFusion is the best multi monitor setup but there are some similar alternative which helps to move windows between screens, taking the cursor to the other monitor without much hassle or getting taskbars on each of the screens, these software here will help you carry out each of these operations with ease. check them out here

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