Looping in a cue list?

  • Is there a way to create a loop within a cue list? Let's say I am creating a cue list that is primarily for a "go" show but I want to be able to hold on a group of cues within that list that loop indefinitely until I hit go again. For example I hit go and cue 1 executes and then holds until I hit go again and cue 2 executes and holds. I hit go and cue 3 executes and then flows right in to cue 4 and then 5 with the specified timing and then it returns automatically to cue 3,4 and,5, etc. It keeps looping through 3,4,5 until the next time I hit go again and at that time it proceeds forward to cue 6. Is this possible?

  • It's possible but a bit more complicated.
    Use the master executor for this so the commands are shorter.
    Open the Cue view for this executor and set the first three cues to "Go" in the "Trig" column.
    For cues 4 to 5 set the "Trig" to "Time" and set your time in the "Trig Time" column.
    If you now come to cue 3 the sequences goes automatically to cue 5 but stops there.
    What you now need is a help cue with the command to go back to cue 3.
    So store an empty cue to cue 6. Set the "Trig" to "Time" and set the same Time settings for it like cue 4 and 5.

    Now open the cues view, go to the CMD column and write the command "Goto Cue 3" in it but only for cue 6.

    The executor is now looping back after cue 5 to cue 3.

    If you like to stop the loop press the Pause key for this executor.
    If you like to go back to cue 1 use the Top command (MA+Flash) or press the Goto key followed by the cue number.

  • Thanks Go-Button that is very helpful. Is there a way to have it set up that while the loop is playing back you can just hit the GO button to break out of the loop and proceed to Cue 7 or would you have to use the goto key followed by 7 to continue through the rest of the cue list during a live show?

  • A Go executes always the next cue in a sequence. It will not work while the Loop is running because you can't jump over cue 6.

    The Goto command let you select a specific cue in a sequence. With "Goto Cue 7" you jump out of the loop to the next normal cue.

    Much easier would be a solution to store the loop to a different executor than the normal cues.

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