cue list editing

  • i just started working with my dot2 today and started to build out a song. my approach in the past is to build a song under one cue list and hit go, go, go, as i progress thru the song. is there a way to copy a cue i have and paste it after another cue? for instance i built out a cue for the verse of a song and rather than rebuilding that look just copy and past that look after the chorus? this would help simplify what i am trying to do right now.

    also i can't seem to figure out how to get an external screen to work. i have tried a few different screens (a samsung monitor and an apple display) and neither have worked.


  • Hi brandonharless,
    Go-button already answered your "copy cue" question,
    for external Screens, please have a look for the tech. requirements here:
    The doc is about external Touchscreens, but it tells you about Monitor requirements as well.
    Please make sure that your Monitor is already connected, when you boot your dot2,
    otherwise the Monitor might not be noticed...

  • I believe I am about to purchase a dot2 and I have a follow up question as I often work similar to Brandon. Let's say I have built a complex cue list for a song and it is assigned to an executor and then later I decide that I want to move the whole cue list to another executor... is there a way to just reassign (or copy) a cue list to a different executor? Thanks in advance for any help.