Special Master Faders

  • Hello,

    I still havent yet figured out how to implement the special master faders. What are they used for?

    I can get a speed/rate master, but I havent figured out what these are used for.

    Furthermore, does anyone know how I can put one DMX channel on a specific fader? Say i have a Chauvet motion drape and it has its own speed function build in, i want to put that speed channel on its own fader on the MA. Thoughts?

  • With a Rate Master on a fader you can manually set the Fadetime for Cues for the Main Executor.

    With the Speed Master you can manually set the Speed for Chasers and Effects stored to Executors.

    About the Chauvet. Select the lamps and set the Motion speed to 100%. Look at the Fixture sheet that only this attribute is selected. Store this to an empty executor and change the fader function to "Temp" with this command:

    Assign Tempfader at Exec 1.2
    (page number.executor number)

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