REQUEST Eurolite LED WMS-8 fold Set RGB

  • Hello altogether!

    I'm installing acutally an dot .2 XL-F with new Fixtures, all in Library, no Problem... :thumbup:
    BUT: The customer now asked me to include also the architectural lighting. Theoretically no Problem, as it is also controlled by DMX, but: The fixture is not in the Standard-Library.

    I'm looking now for an Eurolite LED WMS-8 Fold-Set RGB. The Fixture runs in 6-Channel mode, so all 8 Units connected to the controller doing the same.

    Channel-List looks like:

    Ch1: Rainbow-Effect
    Ch2: RED (0-100%)
    Ch3: GREEN (0-100%)
    Ch4: BLUE (0-100%)
    Ch5: Strobe Effect (1-20Hz)
    Ch6: Sound-to-Light ON/OFF

    My worst-case Idea was to use an simply RGB-Fixtures and set it only in the range of Ch2-Ch4 and not using the others. But I still hope that somebody has an better Idea or there is already an Fixtures-File ;)

    Thanks for your help!

    Dirk Events & Rental

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