• hello!
    i am working on an upcoming project and trying to figure out how to run timecode into my dot2 xlf from ableton live. we use ableton to cue our tracks and put a smpte timecode track into our project to send out. i am not sure the infrastructure or what i need to do next. on another console i have used the audio in to receive the smpte but for some reason it doesnt seem to be working on this console.

    anyone have experience with this or can point me in the right direction? thanks!

  • Hi brandonharless,
    "Push" was right, pointing you towards the use of the LTC timecode input connector of your dot2 XL- F.
    This is, where your timecode signal enters the console- please make sure that your signal is strong, the console likes 200mV signal strength.

    You can control the incoming TC signal, by switching one of your views to the "Clock" view.
    In the headline of the View, you can switch over to the TC Clock - make sure you see the TC running.
    dot2 receives 24, 25, or 30 frames per second and automatically adapts itself to them.

    What you need next, are executors with one or more cues, that you like to trigger via TC.
    For this, setup the cuetriggers (Trig) to "timecode".
    You also should make sure that you have setup your executor to SMPTE timecode- do this by going into the tools menu of the desired executor and check the "timecode" setting.
    Each Executor can be switched to record timecode- if you are in the "cues of Executor x.y" view, you´ll see in the headline the TC record field.
    If you press this, you can record the TC time for each of your cues via pressing the "Go" button of the executor.

    Pls try and let us know what came out of all that!

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