• I have had this experience for a while. If I have two or more executor handles controlling the same fixtures I get some strange results. When one or both handles are at full they work LTP as I would expect. If both faders are below 100% any fixture that is controlled by both executors outputs above the level of the other fixtures in the respective playbacks. I understand that this is the same as Soft LTP on the MA1 & MA2. I thought a HTP option was in the earlier software of the Dot2 (though not fully functional) but is not present in When using executors as simple submasters the HTP option is needed.

  • HTP is great for conventional lighting because you don’t really have a need control any other parameter besides intensity- which has a definite higher and lower.

    LTP is need to control parameters such as color wheels, gobo spin, etc. These parameters don’t have a higher or lower setting, also one color is not greater than another color, for example.

    For me, there is a limited need for HTP and LTP together but only rarely.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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