Saving all shows to usb key

  • Hello everyone.

    I'd like to do a backup of all the shows on my Dot2. Is there a way to do it all at once or do I have to load each show and save it to the usb key one by one?

    Or is there maybe a macro for this?

  • Hey @Yaneck,

    you can backup all your shows by ftp connection. These are the steps:

    - download an ftp-client software like FileZilla and install it on your computer
    - change your IPv4 settings to DHCP or use a static IP on your PC and the console
    - connect your computer to the console
    - open FileZilla and log in with the following data:
    - Server = the IPv4 of your console (you can find it in the Global Settings)
    - User = data
    - Password= data
    - if you are logged in correctly you can find your showfiles on this path: /actual/dot2/shows
    - user the ftp software to copy all files onto your computer

    Hope this helps!


  • Thanks!
    I'll do that.
    But it would be nice in a future update to add the option. Like an additional button that appears on the backup screen once you have a usb storage device connected that says "save all shows to USB device".

  • Or if you're using onPC version you could use the direct access to the show folder through C:\ProgramData\MA Lighting Technologies\dot2\dot2_V_X.X\shows (you have to set the Program Data to be visible)..

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