DOT2 remote protocols - what options are there?

  • So I'm fairly new to lighting, but so far I've had my go with a DOT2 mostly, and also touched in on the MA2.

    However, programming is something I'm quite used to!
    So, I know there is a MSC (MIDI Show Control) protocol for DOT2, and that works like a charm. I can easilly control faders, buttons and jump from cue to cue with MSC.
    Works just great to be honest. However...

    MIDI is somewhat oldschool, and usually requires software specific for that.
    UDP, TCP or OSC however is quite widespread when it comes to newer software and hardware (still some MIDI, but less and less).

    I've seen some posts about controlling DOT2 with OSC when searching around the web, but no real examples or documentation of it.
    Like this: Touch OSC
    So, is there an OSC option? Is there any other options? What's possible? Any other option than MSC?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D

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  • Hi astalsberg,
    great that you like MA products/ software and the dot2 in special.
    Sorry to say, but at the moment there is no MA product remotable by OSC directly.
    But it is planned that the gMA3 software should be able to.

    There may be workarounds how people could manage it to convert OSC into an other protocol and
    that remotes the MA console, but that´s out of our experience.

    The remote possibilities of the MA dot2 are either via DC remote (closing an electronic contact triggers something in the console),
    DMX (an incoming DMX channel triggers something), MIDI (ok maybe old fashioned, but still wide spread, cheap and reliable),
    LTC SMPTE timecode, via network (from dot2 onPC or other dot2 consoles), a sound signal or via a web browser.

    Hope this helps at least a bit?

  • Hi,

    although this thread is over half a year old, maybe this might help someone: with dot2 onPC, it is possible to use the sACN protocol (IP/UDP) to talk to the "dmx" remote-inputs. I use a python library called "sacn" ( :) ) that I found very easy to use und that works great. I have not tried this with a standalone console, but expect it should work as well.

    If anyone would like an example script, feel free to pn me :)


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