OnPC Sound Input Issue

  • Hello everyone,

    I've been using Dot2 OnPC in a very small location for quite a while now.
    We used to do a lot of sound to light, but since a couple weeks Sound Input suddenly stopped working.
    The sound is routed into the PCs Line Input. Windows is showing a signal and the input is set as main Input device.
    Mic input doesn't work either...
    Not sure what I'm doing wrong since it has worked that way all the time.
    Would appreciate some help!

    Thanks, Nico

  • Hello.
    The "recorder" device you are using (internal microphone, external microphone / line in, loop) must be set as "default device". If you have run the dot2, you must restart the program because it does not recognize the device change. Or, first set the default device and then run dot2. Dot2, probably, only uses the signal from the default device, but I do not know it at 100%. Then you can try it first.