Two Generic Fixtures on the same Address

  • I am trying to make a show in dot2 3d but i have generic fixtures pared on the same dimmer chanel but lighting different physical spaces.

    i there any way to crate two fixtures (so they show up in 3d) that have same DMX and fixture number?

    thanks for your help

  • Yes it is...,

    - press Setup
    - click Patch & Fixtures Shedule
    - click "Add New fixture" to add a new or select the current fixture ( that will be a multi patch ) in the patchlist
    - click "create Multi Patch"
    - Dot2 onPC opens a Pop Up, where you have to amount the fixtures to create
    - Enter the number and click ok
    - type the adress to the first Multi Patch Fixture ( the others will follow automatically ) don't disturb that the other multi patches from the same fixture are shown (-) in the DMX line in patch list
    - click Done and Save all changes
    - Open the 3d Software and arranging the new Multipatch fixtures to the desired positions
    and you are ready to work with... (note, that the new Multi Patch fixtures first shown as "one" fixture in the 3d software... they are just on top of each other

    So it must be working....

    Greeting Roland

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