Setting Up Chauvet Maverick MK Pyxis with a Madot2

  • Hello...So we have purchased 2 Chauvet Maverick MK Pyxis lights and have tried to program them on the MA DOT2 console...I downloaded the newest software updates for the console today...I still cannot control it...My console says it should be showing at 100% when I turn it up but nothing lights up...It is DMX so set for a single control...I have set the settings to standard and basic and advanced to coincide with the setups I have tried...I did find one setting that generically set the lights on shutter...What am I missing...

  • Usualy, it is a wrong fixture personality for a chosen fixture mode, which causes this. The dot2 version has nothing to do with. If you are using the internal fixture library, first try to find an another working personality here. User submitted are recommended.


  • Does it appear to even be receiving data? as there DMX outputing from the end of the XLR cable? Is there any data being output from the desk? as in...the DMX sheet? Wrong universe? Fixture address and Patch address the same...lot's to troubleshoot if a light does 'nothing'.

    First off, is the fixture at 50/50 home position or at 0/0? If it's at home position and receiving, prolly a control issue, may need to adjust values in the RAW state of the Preset instead of the auto generated preset layer of the fixture in DOT2... If the fixture is at 0/0, there would appear to be no data being received by the fixture at the current address. That's where I'd start.

    What I've noticed is that some auto generated preset buttons in the PRESET mode/layer do NOT control a feature, I need to go into the RAW mode/layer to access the actual attribute needing a value.

    Good luck!

    ...ah, never mind, sorted.

  • I work for company that is distributor for MA and Chauvet Professional, so...
    Try fixture file for Pyxis I made some time ago. It is on fixture share. In search query enter "Pyxis kacperp", check "User" option, and it should popup in results.
    It is made for 41 channel "Dual Control: Advanced Movement Mode", and we just don't use pixelmapping.

  • Ok Cool...will try that...I have been working on the Chavaut DJ Intimidator Spot 260 as well...I have had to use the "Fixture Builder" program and have taken the 255 irc personality as a start. I changed a lot of the settings and all seems to be working well except for the focus. It just stays shaded...Where exactly can I find this file...I am using a madot2 and not grand ma.


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