• Hi Guys,

    Normally on MA1/2 you can make a group for example "Front" in page 2 of the fader you will put the dimmers. So you can adjust all the fronts to make it look nice. Than in page 1 there wil be a group master.

    Problems with making this is/are because the faders are autofixed so you don't see the other faders anymore.

    Somebody with a solution or maybe a real nice future fix?


  • This was discussed many times before. Autofix is the idea from MA Lighting to make Playback easier.
    In my eyes it is quite the opposite it makes the Playback harder and is a real disadvantage and the only think I really don't like on this console.
    The only way is to spread Sequences and Groupmasters on virtual Playbacks or additional Wings.
    This is sometimes a really uncomfortable situation. I would vote for an option to disabled it.

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  • It could work like all the other consoles without motorized faders handle with it.
    The fader level is stored inside the console and indicated by a level bar beside the cue label field. Same like you already did it with the faders for the Master sequence.
    If you change a page of course the faders don't have the right position, so you need to move them first to the stored level indicated by the level bar.

    The advantages are:
    1. You don't totally waste a fader with a groupmaster if it is not at 100% (it is a standard to store some groupmasters on a different page to set the maximum levels for blinders, fog machines, led strips pointing at the audience and so on...) Maybe you only touch these faders one time in a show, but it is a lost fader on all pages.
    2. Same for speed and rate fader. Lost executors on all pages.
    3. I like the master sequence and the idea to have it always on every page (really well done in my eyes!) If you use the master sequence there is no need to have all playbacks fixed to every page because you can use the master sequence for things you need on every page.
    4. Sometimes we all are faced with some unsure customers. They change the order of the show, skip parts or forget to tell you important details.
    If you can't act in such unintentional moments, because you can't reach a cue because it is covert by an other important cue on an other page, it is going to kill you. Sorry to say, but I always reject dot2 if I believe the next job could be a messy one.
    I always want to act professional but the console sometimes stops me in trying this. So it is not always the right tool for me.
    An option to disable autofix would be great.
    5. Autofix is not always bad. I would vote for an option to let the user decide for each sequence if he needs it or not.

    The disadvantages are:
    1. The user need to understand the function and how it is working. I know it is a problem for inexperienced user to understand all those settings.
    They also don't read the manual because it is to long, don't read the release notes and don't read the FAQ on this site, but always asking the same questions multiple times on this forum. I see this also on ma-

    Please don't make this software to limited for professionally operators! It has some really positive thinks, like its weigh, its quick setup and its intuitive software but the limits are really hard in my eyes.

  • As go-button wrote, it would be great if you could see the level the fader is in. However if it is possible I personally would appriciate it if you could change the faderbank and use the same fader without closing the previous output. For example, on fader 1 on bank 1 you have a dimmerspread with some moving heads and on fader 1 on bank 2 you have a tiltspread for the same lights. It would be great if you could use them on the same time.

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