Ma Fixture Builder 1.5 - 8 facets prism

  • Hi,
    I have an moving head with an 8 facets prism, is there any chance to get all 8 to see or is the ma3d and fixture builder somehow limited to show only 3 beams? The head is a HI-LTTE 2R Beam.
    Oh and how about split colors is that possible?

  • Multiple facets of the PRISM1 attribute are possible, even within the same fixture. That can be visualized in MA3D. PRISM1 attribute needs a wheel with the bitmap image of the facets to reference. Then additional assignment statements are needed in the function set as well. This is how it's visualize in MA3D.

    Split COLOR1 attribute, while available in the real world fixture, are not able to be visualized in MA3D.

    Seems to me, ahem, the Devs could hack this in. Allow the COLOR1 attribute wheel to reference bitmap images like the GOBO1, et al do at the present time. You could then have the split bitmaps called as a gobo is...seems doable to Rexy, it does...line 500 of the Wish List. Since they're on a wheel physically and that's how the 'split' is achieved, easy-peasy to generate the textures needed.

    Good luck

    Here's a simple example:

    <ChannelType index="12" attribute="PRISMA1" feature="BEAM1" preset="BEAM" coarse="15" snap="true">
    					<ChannelFunction index="0" from="0" to="50" min_dmx_24="0" max_dmx_24="8388607" wheel="4" subattribute="EFFECTWHEELSELECT" subattribute_user_name="Select" attribute="EFFECTWHEEL" attribute_user_name="E" feature="EFFECT" feature_user_name="Effect" preset="BEAM" preset_user_name="Beam">
    						<ChannelSet index="0" name="open" from_dmx="0" to_dmx="127" slot_index="0" slot_from="0" slot_to="0"/>
    					<ChannelFunction index="1" from="50" to="100" min_dmx_24="8388608" max_dmx_24="16777215" physfrom="8" physto="8" physadditional="4" wheel="4" subattribute="PRISMA1" subattribute_user_name="Prism1" attribute="PRISMA1" attribute_user_name="Prism1" feature="BEAM1" feature_user_name="Beam" preset="BEAM" preset_user_name="Beam">
    						<ChannelSet index="0" name="4+1 facet prism" from_dmx="128" to_dmx="255" slot_index="1" slot_from="0" slot_to="0"/>

    The key to the 'number' of facets is the "physadditional=" assignment statement. You need this number to match the bitmap image[4-facet image] you reference on the EFX Wheel you generate. Bad part is that the Fixture Builder v1.5 still does not have the EFX Wheel in the Wheel Wizard dialog[I believe the 3-facet is a 'default' of PRISM1], at least I couldn't find it. Notice the "wheel='4'" assignment as well; this references the wheel block of code lower in the profile:--the bitmap is really what you're going to visualize, you could call it anything in the function set data thinks, ;).

    <Wheel index="3" subattribute="PRISMA1" attribute="PRISMA1" feature="BEAM1" preset="BEAM">
    				<Slot index="0" media_name="open"/>
    				<Slot index="1" media_name="4+1 facet prism" media_filename="carallon/effects/generic/000900005.png"/>

    You will need both of these code blocks in sync to successfully get the proper visualization in MA3D.

    Hope this helps. Cheers! Good luck!


  • Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but this is great information but I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to work.

    I have added both the XML fragments to my fixture and adjusted the indexes and channels accordingly, but when I change fixture type dot2 does not enable the Prism 1 controls. I do see the PRISMA1 channel in the Fixture Type Info window though.

    Is there a way to debug this?

    EDIT: it turns out that dot2 has a fixture cache and even though I was re-importing my saved XML and selecting the next type, it did not actually update the internals. I will have to start a new show I think for new changes to show up!

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