Fixture for ETEC LED FAN 7070

  • 2-instance RGB LED fixture with Master Dim, Macros, Macro Speed, Strobe...seems easy enough. The 'hard' part is some sort of visualization....nice gadget. I'll see what I can whip up, seems able to visualize with default models perhaps...m'eh, seems custom models are needed for a decent visualization. I have done a 'fan' object, just need to generate the LED models.

    Here you go, give this a try
    -first build
    -no custom models
    -11 Channel mode.
    -2 instances for the 2 RGB fan blade modules under control I saw in the videos, I'm assuming LED 1 is 3 blades and LED 2 are the other 3 blades of the 6 total fan blades I saw under individual control

    Note Well: the 'Blower' attribute drives the Fan motor. Channel sets within the Function Set of the Attribute "BLOWER" may be need some help as to direction of rotation and whatnot--very hard to build a fixture with no fixture to check DMX values/result in fixture.

    Visualization will be crap-yes it will; hope you have access to the real world fixture!! If the .XML profile works on the fixture, report back and I'll see what a few custom models present in the way of 'free time'. Now, you will get 2 LED 'bricks' each representing the 3 blades in the object and they will not-spin-with fan motor, getting that to visualize will take custom models for certain.

    Good luck! Report back!!!


    I've uploaded a newer, very close to working[at least in fixture on my bench!] version with the custom models I spoke of. Most everything seems to work out-of-box; excepting the FAN attribute and it's function/channel sets. Getting the rotation direction and simple indexing is troublesome. There's phys from and phys to entry fields and then there are slot from and slot to. The combination of these assignment statements control the 3D model. I've gotten it pretty darn close for more experienced eyes to now take a look at the function sets and channel sets to see where it went wrong.

    I 'had' to write the file with the 2 separate LED modules for the separate models...the bain of MA3D. Getting something to visualize might not make it very console/programmer friendly...tough rope to walk.

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  • Hi Rex,
    many thanks for your efforts !!
    I downloaded your fixture and looked at it in the DMX view output.
    It looks very good;)

    Unfortunately, I can only test it at short notice, because I am there only 3-4 hours before the start of the event
    ..But normally it should work that way;)

    Thank you again!

    Another question...
    can I "order" fixtures at MA?
    or is that "only" about the forum?

    best regards

  • You can always 'ask' for a profile at MA-Share...not assured of victory, though. You can always 'order' work from Rexy...;). I write .XML profiles, I construct 3D visualizations, I combine the two...'sliding scale rates' on work. I'm an I.A.T.S.E. Local#16 journeyman. I take Private Messages at MA-Share to connect with clients on visualization projects.

    I'm proprietor of REX3D as well, for when I am not busy on Local#16 referrals.

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