dot2 Tips+Tricks No.49 [EN] the new software version is out!

  • Hi everybody!

    Today we have the honour to announce the release of the new software version for dot2!

    See, what this version includes, get some t & t about how to install and what one of the new functions (Solo) does!




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  • So let's start testing :)

    PS.I checked my shows (they are not too complicated) on onPC, it looks like everything works as it should :) . (In one show only a few parameters of the position and size of headlamps found in dot2 3d were lost, but this is probably due to the lack of saved changes to these parameters when switching to a new version, or overwriting the older show with new ones, without parameters, due to my inattention, but I will ask about it in another post).
    A big plus for more demoshows ...

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