"Select several at a time" working with commands and ...

  • Hello.
    I have two questions about the topic. First:
    I have created ten cues which is the time base for triggering exec 1.205. Triggering is the command "On exec 1.205" appended to each cue. How do you make the "On exec 1.205" command write to each item by selecting these ten cues? Now, after selecting all the cues, I get something like "On exec 1.205 in the first, up to 1.214 in the last cue ...".

    Second question: I have made a patch for example: fixtures 1-10 dimmers with addresses 1-10, fixture11 mediaplayer with address 100 to 112, all fixtures on universe1. I want to move them in a simple way on universe3. I mark all fixtures and change the universe to 3. But dot fills the gaps in addresses and changes the address fixture11 to 11. Is there a way to not do it? I would like to keep the original addressing, because, for example, the mediaplayer has an address set up programmatically and saved on a USB stick. Of course, I know that I can do addressing each group separately, but I am asking for a simpler way.

    By the way: On onPC, when selecting lines with "cursor" eg: from third to last, when we stop the frame on the last we mark all lines between, and when we drag out the last line, only the first one remains selected, it would be nice if all were marked. But this is a small request.

    Thank you and best regards :)

  • Hi.
    First: it behaves as Excel sheet does. I havent tryied it. Try append something more, like On Executor 1.205 + unusedexecrangenumber (9.202 thru 9.202). Or append another commands: ;Clear. Just not to have your exec. number at the end. Maybe only ; will be enough.

    Second: gma2 has this command (Move DmxuUniverse x at y), so, I gues, dot2 does not ;) Check the manual.


  • Hello Astander
    Thank you for your answer. As for the first question, the command in the style - "Off exec 1.205;" - means with a semicolon at the end. Cool.

    As for the second question, the command "move DmxUniverse x at y" also works according to my expectations. The manual mentions this, though somewhat "from the side." I thought that this change in the "patch and fixture" schedule would give the same effect.
    You're right, I have not read the manual in its entirety ^^ ... I'm learning better by solving specific problems. And this one was made during a play played in another theater, when I wanted to combine my show with the devices working there.
    Thank you very much, problems solved. :)