dot2 software v1.1.1.2 is now online

  • Hey everybody,

    version is now available for download! :)

    The following things have been improved:

    - Virtual playback view shows now labels
    - Executor labels in virtual playback view: while holding the "MA" key, the title of each executor shows only the number of the executor and no longer the name
    - Executor labels in virtual playback view and in mini executor bar shows the name of the Cue (instead of exec) if the executor is running. Additionally the number of the cue will be shown on the right side next to the name
    - New virtual keyboard with special character. Added new keys to virtual keyboard: Home, Select, All, End, Cut, Copy, Paste, Cursor Up, Cursor Right, Cursor Down, Cursor Left
    - Added autostop option to the sequence view options dialog. Default normal executors = on, main executor = off
    - Added restart mode option to the sequence view options dialog. Default = first cue
    - "Temp" playback command can be assigned to all executor buttons. Syntax: "assign temp" then push the desired executor button; "assign Tempfader at executor X" adds a Tempfader on the desired executor
    - Enabled multi selection in the setup (before MA + right encoder)
    - Improvements of node4 display rendering
    - Wings and nodes can be identified. There is a new button in the Setup, if this button is pushed, the wing/node show a blinking frame for 3 seconds.
    - Release notes will be displayed after update.
    - Modified some fixture types so the prism rotation can be controlled via special dialog.

    More information can be found in the release notes:…_1.1.1.2_en.pdf

    Have fun! :thumbup:

  • What do I have to do If you want to update the console with a USB stick.

    Text from a pdf file
    "How to update your dot2 console with a Linux Boot stick: Download the latest dot2*.imgz and write its content to an USB stick (use “StickMAker” available from the MA Lighting website) Plug the USB stick into an USB connector on the back of the console. Connect an external monitor and an USB keyboard to the console. Turn on the monitor and then the console. Press “F10” multiple times to see the bios boot menu on the external monitor. Select your USB stick (probably the second entry). In the following menu you can choose between “Update Software (x.x.x) and keep shows / user data” (this won’t delete your show files) or “Factory reset”, which will reset all data. Software will be installed automatically (press ESC to see cool Linux stuff while installing and not the boring rotating dot2 logo) Console will reboot; then you can remove the installer USB stick."

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