Command replace, between two fixtures.

  • Hello all.
    I have a small problem with the "replace" command. I
    want to do it so that device 1 works like device 2, and device 2 works
    like device 1. That is, turn two devices with functions between them. How?

  • Hi,
    backup your show first and then (if Replace command does not offer swopping fixtures at all) you can try:

    1. way: There was, I think, a command in gma2, I cannot find it in manual now, like Replace Fixture 1 Thru 2 With Fixture 2 Thru 1. This would swap data in between these 2 fixtures. Try it in dot2. If it fails then:

    2. way, keeping IDs: Patch the same fixturetype as your 2 fixtures are, set its ID to...1001. Clone Fixture 1 At 1001.
    Then normaly Replace Fixture 1 With Fixture 2.
    Then Clone Fixture 1001At Fixture 2.
    Then Delete Fixture 1001 in the patch.

    3. way, IDs change: Try to swop IDs in your patch in between those 2 fixtures. But it is only an idea, try it. But you may not like changing them.


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  • Thank you for your answers. Usually I change devices by changing their addresses. Some time ago, in the show, I exchanged device ID, but it was also necessary, as far as I remember my memory, to replace the devices' names so that the elements of the show would be "in place". I will try all the proposed methods. Thank you.

  • Hello.
    Your proposals work.
    However, I would like to add to the "wish list"- add the command / macro "Replace Fixture 1 Thru 2 With Fixture 2 Thru 1", just like from the Astander post. In my opinion, it is a very helpful function, which I often use, and which would significantly improve my work and shorten her time.
    Thank you.

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