transferring information between different show files

  • ok all...we are having vacation bible school this weekend...I haven't used the show file in over a year...when I opened it to reuse scenes I noticed that the lights that I had programmed in the other show file was not there...I am having to reassign dmx and there a way to just transfer the dmx info from one show to the next without having to reprogram every light?

  • Hi,
    all data in the show refer to Fixture ID, not to its DMX address. And ID is assigned to the Fixturetype, it means used type of Fixture. Let say in the line 1 of your patch is ID 1. So if your show had in the patch list ID 1 Mac 250 and new head is MAC 700, change (in the patch list of your old show) Mac 250 for Mac 700. DMX addreses will be wrong (more channels for a new Mac), change them for new ones.
    This will transfer Fixturetype Mac 250 for 700 for ID 1 (first head/fixture), but you still have to check everythig, check presets etc., different optics has different zoom, for example...

    Very often newly programmed show is faster, but try it.


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