Not chinese spam: bump colorwheel 1 position

  • Hi!

    I hope you’ll see this message with the recent spam wave.

    Is it possible to make an executor that when active shifts the colorwheel 1 position?

    I know i can make an executor that sets the color to white, so i can flash my beams in white or whatever predefined color, but i want the executir to be relative to whatever color i’m in currently.

    For example on mac250’s, green and pink are next to each other on the wheel, so if my lights are green, if i press the button, yhey should go pink. So i would have 2-colored chases without the need for one chaser per base color.

    I suppose my question relates to effects that are relative-positioned. Is that possible in dot2, and how?


  • When you type At +5, selected fixtures dimms goes up plus 5 percent. Your glass gels on the color wheel are symetrically fixed (by...5 percent on encoder), so something like Attribute Color 1 At +5 might be possible as a CMD, but it is just an idea. Really not sure.


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