Bug or not after screen calibrate

  • Hello,I have an XL-F and, when I perform a recalibration screens on the left (to put the pointer in front of my finger), the 7 of 8 left fader (so under the same screen) do not respond!Bug or problem of my desk?because I can not recover the control of the faders after the restart of the console.

  • Normally faders and screens should not affect each other...so this sounds more like an issue with your console then a software bug.

    To solve this issue get back to us via email (support@ma-dot2.com).

    Please provide the following data in your email:

    - console type (core, XL-F, XL-B)
    - serial number
    - software version
    - a short video of the problem (please check the size of the clip before you send it / if it's too big please upload it to e.g. wetransfer.com)
    - where you are from

    Thanks and Best Regards!

    MA Lighting Int.

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