Multipart fixtures dot2 3d

  • Try this profile. It's an .XML from the .XMLP you pointed to. Yes, that default profile visualization is not quite accurately describing the pixels. Yes, it's the module box you are talking to, but the output is to 8 linear LED strips, with 8 channels of control on each...;). I think it should resemble that structure more closely and can help achieve this for you.

    This took minutes to put together to hack together, it's crude and you have to move each individual LED module in MA3D space, gives you more flexibility than a rigid Instance Array I could have pounded together in 3D space; it would have been a single rigid array structure and not perhaps how you want the channels[strips] oriented. Each LED module is sized to represent the actual pixels in the strip, being 4.875"x1.1"x1.6". From there you can space them out onto some pipe geometry[or group them in MA3D, ;)] model and then move that as a whole strip. Many possible approaches to this visualization.


    PS: a little extra tip; all of the modules will be located at 0,0,0 and all stacked on top of each other after leaving Patch. This is why you couldn't really 'see' them in MA3D. They were there, just not in a way that would allow them to actually render. I took that .XMLP and punched through all the instances in the Dot2 Layout view and saw all the channels change icon and illuminate, just not so much in dot2 MA3D. You'll have to select each individual subfixture[they should be indexed in the list with top being #1,next=#2, and so on...]

    PPS: here's also a small show file in the form of a zip. Just change extension to DOTgz and it should be good to go. It demonstrates one possible visualization solution for the fixtureType. I spaced the LED pixels to the fixture length of 39 in. and spread them across 28 ft of stage space on 4 ft centers. Top to Bottom channel positioning on the strips.

  • Hello, I have the same problem than joseflekardal.

    I tried to import the .XML document toward ma3d but obviously i'm a beginner...

    Could anyone help me with the process ?

    I'd like to change the fixture of Octostrip mk2 (which the default vizualisation profile is not workable) to a Led Strip with 192channels...

    Thanks a lot !

  • Thank you nrgsille, but could you explain me the process ?

    When I download it, I have to import into ma2 library then patch right? then when I turn on MA3D the led strip will be accurate?

    Thank you again,


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