Briteq Cob Blinder 2x100W im dot2 3D nur ein Beam

  • Hi Daniel,

    hier musst du dich leider entscheiden was genau die visualisiert haben möchtest.
    Entweder werden dir zwei Beams angezeigt oder der Strobe wird visualisiert. Abhängig ist dies vom jeweiligen Fixture Type. Anbei findest du einen von mir geänderten Fixture Type der nun zwei Beams im 3D anzeigt, jedoch wird der Strobe nicht mehr visualisiert.


  • You can Actually get a slightly better visualization with the submitted .XML below. SHUTTER and DIMMERCURVE modules on an 'actual' body of a fixture to visualize the FLASH with STROBE. Then I took the DIM module inside the LED box and protruding from the bottom so you can see the 'LED' of each LED COB. Kinda like the actual fixture used on stage,;).

    So with this visualization [with the small CLASS = LED hack and parent_instance = "2" nudge] you get: each DIM under control of it's Fixture and Channel number and the SHUTTER / STROBE & DIMMERCURVE attributes under control of Channels 3 and 4 respectively and Now you get the face of the STROBE subattribute flashing under control. Yes, no 'beam' but for STROBE previz [which could be fixed with custom model], you'll see the effect working though ...;) That's why you're pre-vizing for preprogramming ... No more guessing ... is the strobe on or off?


    Let me know if I have any problems with control handles and patching ... I din't do much at all there!


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