dancing lights

  • Hello all

    I went to the big Carolina Rebellion festival last weekend and saw they made their movers dance back and forth (pan) like as if it was your arms...if this makes sense then please let me know how to do it

  • Thanks Michael
    Unfortunately I didn't catch it. I'm thinking it was a simple pan back and forth. I might try creating a fader or an effect preset and use that in the cue list when programming, since what I have seen about loops being very much a lot of extra work to get out of the loop during the live show. Because of my work schedule I cannot get out to the church until Friday night so I will have to wait until then to test the theory.

  • ok...I set them up in a "pan" loop...It worked great in the main cue list...but when I transferred it to a fader it ran through the cues but did not go back to the top...it just stopped...does a regular fader not recognize the cmd?..confused

  • Unfortunetaly it is difficult to help without knowing the way how you've programmed the "pan" loop..
    I guess the problem can be realted to the CMD which you've used. If you are using a command without target then it always affects the main cuelist.

    Goto Cue 1 > Jumps to cue 1 of your main cuelist
    Goto Cue 1 Executor 1.1 > A Goto command with a dedicated target. This results always in a jump to cue 1 of executor 1 on page 1.

    Maybe this is causing your issues?

    If not, we really need to look at your showfile. You can send it to support@ma-dot2.com. Please include a detailed error report into your e-mail.


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