Request GLP Junior Scan 2

  • Hello!

    I'm new to the Forum.

    I never used MA Software before and actually I'm playing around and trying a little with 3D and the dot 2 Software OnPC.

    At our stock we have some old GLP Junior Scan 2 fixtures which I want to implement into my design.

    This fixture is not listed in the library as an standart-fixture so I tried to make it with the Fixture Builder, which seems to be a bit tricky for me.

    Dimmer, Shutter, PAN, Tilt etc. seems to be clear, but when it comes to Gobo and Color it will not work anymore for me.

    To many parameters. I was also looking for some tutorial for normal scanners, but it looks that the purpose is more on LED-Fixtures. Can somebody help me out?
    As I use to make my preview actually only in 3D it doesn't look nice if I have always Full White on these scanners :)

    I tried also to find some tutorial or even an manual for this Fixture-Creator-Software, maybe just explaining the parameters but no chance. ?(

    Thanks for help!

    Best Regards from Blackwood-Forst

  • Hi Dirk,

    after a look into the manual of this fixture I must say that the fixture builder is not the right tool to create this fixture type. When you want to use this fixture in 3D you need to have some more detailed information like colorwheels, gobowheels and all these stuff. The problem is that the Fixture Builder is designed to create fixture types which should be used with real fixtures and not in 3D. Because of this I would recommend to use the grandMA2 onPC Software to create the fixture type. Please follow this link (…pes_Create.html) to the grandMA2 help manual. Here is described how you can create your own fixture in grandMA2. If you need more information about the creation of fixture types please contact the tech support via mail!


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