• I was wondering if it is possible to have effects on faders so i can busk movement effects while have static cues on the main cue list?

    I am able to store the effects on faders but it overrides what is cued in the cue list!!

  • Hi Peter,
    in the dot2 your effcts have to be in cues, "to have them on faders".
    You can´t have just effects on them- either they are in the programmer or in your cue based playback.
    Between playbacks, LTP rules and the main cuelist has the same priority than all other playbacks.
    Off/ on overwritten: an executor button can switch off another executor button if the same fixture attributes are used.
    An executor fader can switch off an executor button but not the other way around.
    Your programmer has a higher priority than your playback.
    Exeption: you setup your executor to high priority.

    long answer for a short question, I know :)

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