Dot2 wont recognize my node

  • Hi all !!
    I'm trying to connect my "generic ethernet to DMX node" to the Dot2 onPC software.
    I'm able to set my node IP in the 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x range, in fact I did it in But, the Dot2 software wont recognize it.
    I've set the PC local area network with IP = I've choose that in Network Interface in setup of Dot2 software, also I start a session in this, and then I've choose ArtNet in Network Protocols Configuration.
    My node works fine with another software, like Madix, or QLC+
    Any ideas ?
    Thank you in advance !!

  • Could be a subnet issue as your computer is set to and the node is at

    Try changing the nodes IP to something in the same Class C, such as:

    Also, check that your Subnet Mask is set properly(e.g. 255.255.255.x)

    dot2 and grandMA2 work great in the 10.x.x.x range with both ArtNet, sACN & MA Net. I've been running this IP range for years without any issue using four class C's ( and a subnet mask of I gave myself four class C's so I'd have plenty of room to grow, and separate client equipment that I maintain for them from my own equip(but will be able to communicate with each other).

  • Brian, thank you for your support.
    I'm getting crazy now, I changed the Subnet Mask in my notebook to, and my IP node to, the node is not recognized and there are not out in my DMX node output.
    Then I changed the Subnet Mask to (as your example), and my node IP to, the node is not recognized, but my DMX output is working properly !...
    Ideas of what this mean ?
    I'm thinking to check my ethernet card output with a net sniffer to look close what is happening now.

  • Ok Brian.
    Understood that, but I can't set my IP node to any different, to get DMX out work, I should do a combination of Subnet Mask and guess my IP node for work....

    I've just installed Wireshark sniffer, and what I see is that ArtPoll packet is answered (ArtPollRepply) by the PC inmediatly, and then appears the ArtPollRepply from my node, and obviously it's ignored.
    So in the Network Protocols of dot2 the activate ArtNet out IP, shows the notebook IP, instead my node IP. (Although I've a DMX out working).

    I also saw in wireshark, that changing the PC Subnet Mask, is automatically changing the IP from dot2 is sending ArtNet packets out, and, if it is not equal to my IP node, obviously wont work.
    Anyway as I commented before, the ArtPoll packet always is answered by the PC with a ArtPollRepply, but never by the node at time.
    I hope, not getting you crazy, sorry.

  • Ok Brian, my node is a generic one, no manufacturer, no model, just buy it in the web, to a seller of my country.
    He said, it work with many console software, so I've tried with Madrix, and QLC+ succesufully. The issue come when I tried with dot2 only. I asked before the seller for this issue, but he answered me "he don't know the dot2 software, but knows people who get work with that software".
    The seller told me, it is like an "Enttec" node. Now I'm thinking, maybe the better choice is to buy a new one. ||

    As I see in the web, enttec nodes are IPv6 cappable...Just call again the seller, and told me, the one I bought works only in IPv4...I don't know what to think.

  • IPv4 should work just fine, but I would recommend staying away from generic/no label hardware as you never know what you're getting and support for such hardware may be little to none.

    The Enttec node I got (eDMX1-PRO) only cost about $130 USD and has worked flawlessly, with manufacturer support and several firmware updates since new. At the time the cost was a lot for me, but quickly became one of the best purchases I made.

  • Attention...
    IP address starting with 2 or 10 are class A and not C .
    Artnet works with A class such as 2.x.y.z or 10.x.y.z and the mask MUST be
    If you use the mask, it's a C class as we use at home for IP dress like 192.168.1.x

    C mask with a A IP adress could work only if you use the same 3 fist number ! but it's not the good way to configure a artnet node.
    So : your PC mus have an IP adress like with mask:
    Your node must have an IP address like with mask:

    Be careful that you must have to choose the universe 00 (with subnet 00) for Artnet configuration, to run with Universe 1 for DMX software...

  • Neither ArtNet nor sACN require the use of the entire Class A. Both ArtNet and sACN CAN be ran on less than an entire Class A.
    Yes, the ArtNet node doesn't need to be set to Universe 00/Subnet 00, but there is NO requirement to use a full Class A subnet that I am aware of.

    I, personally, will never use to 2.x.y.z Class A subnet as that IP range is actually assigned to routable networks. 10.x.y.z is specifically reserved for local networks.

  • Hi,
    the specs of Artistic Licence clearly sais about Artnet what Thiery wrote above. You can have a different working scheme, but no Class C IP and no mask is in the Artnet spec., also connection to the internet is not recommended. For me, if the node is made in PRC and made as Artnet node, keeping Artnet specs. settings would be recommended at least for the proper testing. Artnet with IP range 2.x.x.x should have set Net 0, IP 10.x.x.x Net 1, as I learnt. Subnet nr. shifts your Artnet Universes for next 16 (subnet 0 starts with Artnet universe 0-15, subnet 1 with universe 16-31 etc.).

    Just an interest: once I forgot in a hurry and my desk was sACN 2.x.x.x/ all nodes sACN 192.168.0.x/ and all worked fine, but I believe to engineers and having net standardized is highly good habbit.


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