3d spot with 2 beam

  • Hi

    I still have some small moving head (import)
    at the front it is a spotlight and at the back it is a wash spot.
    the front and rear can burn independently and I have them working on the core.
    now I would like to have them in 3D as well and I wonder how I give the spot on the back of the wash beam in 3d.


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  • Okay thanks
    All types of fixtures or 3D objects are possible.
    If they are not in the fixurelist you will make them yourself.
    Fixurebuilder only controls the attributes of these.


    Male 51 Nederland

  • I have created this type of visualization and it is indeed a tricky construction. One DIM has to face one vector, the other DIM 180 degrees; that does not happen 'naturally' with the software at this time. The offsets are a nightmare to compensate for. It can be done, time and small investment are needed, as MA software is powerful software in the 'write' hands, LOL.....

    The profile is where it all needs to be correctly written, not only for programmer but for 3D artist....that's the tricky bit, ;).

    If you submit your .XML profile to me, I'll take a look at it and estimate the viability of the visualization you seek.

    PS: you can Private Message me at the MA Share.net site if you visit there.

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