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  • Hi

    How can I create a parent_instance?
    in fixture builder
    the modules are now not linked to the main module

    the library / xml gives <Instance index = "1" Module_index = "1" patch = "9">

    and here must support parent_instance = "0".

    Male 51 Nederland

  • At the current time, the Fixture Builder doesn't seem capable of that function. This is of build v1.3.22, as far as I've experienced. You will need to open the profile in an .XML editor and include the necessary assignment statement [parent_instance="0"] on your own in the Instance Array at the bottom of the file. The Fixture Builder does correctly generate the file with the proper indices in place index0 & index1[FB renders 'main' module as index1 and 'child' as index2 in GUI, wrong!], you'll just have to include the hack yourself to get the child module instances to properly attach to the parent module. Otherwise, they just sit there at 0,0,0 and never follow the PAN/TILT attributes. They also appear as the default square/block LED and not the proper circular LEDs we've come to expect on the head of a mover...that magic little assignment statement does a lot!!!

    Seems like the FB program needs a newer build, probably not until MA3 is released....hopefully there would be a final freeze[and tweeks] to provide the support for preMA3 products...the paradigm for future profiles and visualizations will change dramatically; FB[.xml] profiles will not work in MA3 if I understand things correctly.

    Good luck!

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