Hazer on for a certain time

  • I'm trying to get a Hazer switched on with an exec button.
    Point is that is has to turn off after 30 seconds.

    The only way i know is with 2 cues, one turns the hazer on and the second turns it off with 'triggerd time'
    But my exec button stays on, and i would like to have it off.

    I tried it as a chaser with the option 'shoot off'
    That comes in handy because the exec turns itself off after the 30 seconds
    But i can't figure out where to put the 30 seconds.
    Can't change any parameters, they are all dark grey

    So i would like to use it as a chaser with the 'shoot off' function, but where to put my 30 seconds?

  • Alas, got a message unknown command.
    Maybe it's the wrong number.
    When i push the MA button, the exec button i use shows the number 106.
    But even if i use off exec 106, the message stays unknown command

    Probably it can't turn off itself but only another exec button.

    Now this is strange.
    OK its works, jippi
    But i have to type the command with the keyboard that comes in view, and NOT my PC keyboard

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