OFF + Move

  • Hello. There is an "official" syntax, namely: OFF - Move? And the second OFF - Copy?
    If so, what exactly do they do? I know that the first disables the main exec, provided that the command line does not have a cue command. If it is tick fixtures. At the second, a window appears with information: working ..., Exporting .... 87,000 KB. But nothing seems to be happening.
    I made this order by a complete coincidence, but I would like to know what exactly it does ....?

  • Ok. It was a complete accident. I played the show saved in main executor, I had an active cue, for example xx. I also had two executors on the buttons, located next to each other. Because of that I often confuse them. And so it happened this time. I turned on the wrong executor, so I switched it off very quickly (the executor is in the toggle function). But the executor has a switch-off time of about some seconds. So I wanted to speed it up and used the "off" button, but at that time the executor turned off by itself. So the "off" button was turned on and I wanted to move one of these executors to the wings. So with the "off" turned on, I pressed "move" and ..... Bum ... The main executor was turned off. It surprised me at a bad time ...
    And because I'm a boy and I have to check why something happened, and what
    will happen when ..... I also tried to press "off" then "copy". I received a window (very shortly displayed) with the command "exporting". Pressing
    "off" then "move" (together it works) and then a large "Go" in the
    command line gives the effect in the form "Move DefGoForward", with
    "Go-" - "Move DefGoBack"; DefGo Pause; GoBack; Go, etc.
    It's nothing important, just my curiosity, because I do not know all the commands and key combinations yet well.
    Well, people have created darkNet, maybe there is also darkdot ... :D
    I apologize for my English, but maybe you will understand what I wrote.
    Thank you, Lars.

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