No update this year?

  • We don't see the first word of a new update for a very long time. I expected to have news after the last exhibition but i think every thong is done for the MA3... Is it possible to have some news?

  • I also expected an update
    there are some nice things in the wishlist.
    for the sale of the dot 3 there will really be an update

    and the year is still running :|

    Male 51 Nederland

  • Hi Jajix,

    I fully understand that all dot2 users are keen about upcomming features- but its a bit too early for this.
    internally, we ve got a list about what is planned, but as long as we can not guarantee them for 100%,
    I would like not to announce it here -it will consist of bugfixes and some new features,
    but please give us some more time . . .

    Michael "Qincy" Strathmann

  • I understand that a date can not be pinned down, but long as the the update is or by Oct 1st, I'll have time to learn the new features and be able to have time to program our Christmas show! ;)

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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