Wrong position pan tilt effect

  • wrong position pan tilt effect

    when starting a pan tilt effect, the pan tilt position moves a lot with a few lights

    the solution for me was to enter a default value of 128 and 128 in the fixture builder for the malfunctioning spots

    if in the fixture builder the type and the default pan tilt is not given, the pan tilt effect does not work properly.

    Male 51 Nederland

  • Hi,
    all personalities I have evere seen have filled default values for pan and tilt. These values are usually a half of their max values just because the head is in the best p/t position, center/center. Pan, for example, is special, because it works from some center to be able to work. Pan ...left/right from 0 is what? Nonsense. So panning effect is running from some center, which is not 0, but...128, so effect engine must somehow calculate panning to both sides. The engine probably calculates movement absolutely from 0, when no default values are given. If they are, supposed relative calculating is done. The actual center for the relative movement is defaut minus/plus actual position of the head and the engine knows, where to start. Somehow like that for understanding.

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