Problem with effects

  • Unfortunatly I did not really remember how I did my presets (except as usual, by selecting a fixture group, then set it a color from the programmer and a dimmer effect) and I could have failed a step...
    I was just asking in case you know this problem, but if you say that's the first time you hear about this, I probably made a mistake somewhere.
    I did all my effects again and this time it seems there is no more issue.
    Thanks anyway !

  • I've encountered the same problem.
    But i create my shows on the PC and transfer them later on on the MA console.
    I had to program around 60 color effects again.
    Don't know where it did go wrong, maybe software bug.
    Now i store the show with the same name but with a ascending number, just in case.

  • I think I have the same kind of problem, but only with my fixture 11.
    I regularly have to enter the data correctly.
    I'm going to store the show every time under a different name and I'll see it goes wrong.
    the show runs on a core.
    and at home I make adjustments on the on pc and 3d

    Male 51 Nederland

  • Same problem here. Did anyone find a solution? I changed nothing, the error appeared today after loading a show that worked when closed earlier.

    Greets, Felix

  • thanks for all your input. I've tried to reproduce this issue here, but without success. Exported showfiles from dot2 onPC are working fine on the console...

    To figure out what's wrong we are in need of your help. So please send us your showfiles and a detailed explanation of the issue to

    can you please send us your showfile with a step by step guideline....we will of cause have a look! :)