bpm on exec button

  • "store" "speed" the
    executor key (whatever) on which you want to save, the "select" window
    will open, select Master Speed1 ... 4. Finished.
    "View" "exec x" "key" "is chaser" select "Master Speed1 ... 4" which you want for this executor, but only one.

  • OK that i understand.
    But let me explain why i need multiple BPM's.
    I have 8 Parl's with a 2 soft/hard color effect.
    As i'm working from the programmer to make a show more dynamic.
    I like to change my effects in a song when there's a change from verse into chorus.

    Now i programmed the color effects as presets, but with 3 different BPM's.
    So each color effect comes in three.
    I programmed 12 color effect, and to have 3 different BPM's this makes 3x12 36 color effect presets.
    To me this sounds a little bit silly.
    Why can't i have a few exec button's with some BPM values,
    so i only have to store the color effects once and not three times.

    Someone told me it can't be done because i'm working from the programmer.
    But i don't know how to make it another way, and still be dynamic

  • Ooo... understand now. Good question, but I do not know how .... In the magic view are BPM multipliers and BPM learn buttons, but I know that's not what you mean ...
    I tried a little, but to no avail. Maybe, techsupport will help, I will pop up yet ....

  • Hi,

    maby this is a way...

    You can also set the bpm of an Speedmaster via CMD.

    You have to store an empty sequence to an Exec-Button.
    Then go to the CMD column an enter: SpecialMaster 3.Y AT XX

    The "Y" stands for the Speedmaster (1,2,3 or 4)
    The XX stands for the BPM

    OF Cause you have to store the Effect on an Exec an select a Speedmaster

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