Remote Inputs MIDI + DMX

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to use a console as a remote (so remote inputs DMX, connection between pc and console with a node) and a MIDI controler to help for programmation (so remote inputs MIDI, and I don't know how to connect this yet ahah) together with my PC with Dot2 Onpc ?

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  • of course.
    if you only use midi you need a bome translater on your PC
    bome translates midi cc into midi note.
    you can also choose to have a 2 port artnet node.
    You use 1 port for dmx out.
    You use 1 port nr 9 for dmx in for your dmx consolle.
    here to you can offer midi for the keys without bome.


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  • To understand you correct:
    You want to remote a console by using a onPC having MIDI devices connected?

    Midi -> onPC -> Network -> Console

    Put them into one session. The "master" will have the midi input. in your case this must the onPC.
    You have to convert the MIDI CC send by faders to midi notes or dmx.

    You can use BOMAC to convert MIDI (CC) to Art-Net for DMX-Remote the onPC.
    That is more easy then setup BOME.

  • @Theo
    What is midi cc ?

    Excuse me for my bad english, it doesn't help here...

    I already used the two ports of my node : one for the dmx out, from my Dot2 onPC to my fixtures, and the other one for the dmx in, to control my console (Behringer 2412) as a remote.

    What I wanted to do is use my node + console with dmx, AND an other console (or software) with MIDI. So DMX and MIDI connections as the same time but with different hardware (or software).

    I'm looking for a way to use keyboard shortcuts with the Dot2, maybe with a keyboard mapping software, or a software like Ableton (which propose keyboard shortcuts) that I could connect to the Dot2 onPC with MIDI (I heard about Loopbe1, a software which allowed MIDI connection between 2 softwares). Still working on it...

    Thanks for the link !

  • You can use loopbe1 (checked). But you can only use "midi note on" and "midi note off" messages and their velocity (usually buttons send such messages, but probably not all. I do not know how it is with pressure sensitive pads, there most likely is cc.) Coming back to the point. Dot2 accepts Midi "note on" and "of"f commands, and their velocity, but only those. Does not accept "cc" comands. Loopbe1 only links two programs to each other, so if you send "note on" from some program, dot2 will read and use it. If you send the command in the form "cc", dot2 will not be able to use it. The cc messages usually send sliders and encoders. So if you want to control midi only with "buttons" in dot2, loopbe1 is enough. If you want to have control over the sliders by midi, then you must have a "translator", which means that the program will convert "cc" messages to midi note 0 ... 127. So, for example, the program from the link that was given by colleague @ qr123de.
    what is "cc" -

  • Woaw, thank you very much for all these explanations, I didn't know all these things.
    Looks like I've got a lot of work to do if I want to really understand how to use MIDI !
    Thanks for your link, I'll dig it.

    Edit : I found something : A software named Proxima Controller, which is a virtual midi keyboard (with automatic keyboard shortcuts). Very easy to use, and with Loopbe1 as connection between it and the Dot2.
    It works, with one exception, there is a sound of Windows10 at each note sent from the software, I don't know why... (but the MIDI connection works and I can use my laptop's keyboard to run executors of the Dot2)

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