Flash button on MIDI

  • I cant seem to get bumps/flash button to work with my akai apc 40

    • I store my executor as a flash, assign my note in bome, but its only a note on/off command and wont act as a bump button.

    Not sure if there is something that can be done in dot2, or if its a bome programming solution.

  • It would think it’s a bome solution somewhere you are after. I’ve just connected a MidiCon 2 to the dot2 and the only mapping I’ve had to do is get the faders set to a control change on their input and a note on for the output. The actual buttons on the midi board worked out of the box so to speak and correctly flashed etc. All i did for that was push the button on the midi board until I saw which note lights up on the dot2 software. Then assign that to the executor you want and all worked okay.

    Have you tried the more direct approach for the normal buttons in this way without translating through Bome as that might be adding an extra layer thats getting the notes confused? I’m not sure how the akai apc works so sorry if it doesn’t work like that as default and you’ve already tried!

  • bomes has option for note on... and note off .. not sure if your aware but some buttons on apc wont map correctly.because the modes "etc"

    like the bottom small button.. may have to double tap..at least here.. im sure there is a workaround but works fine here.

    sorry dont use bump button..mine all chasers ATM.

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