• Dear all,
    In the last year, i've some big problem with my desks.
    the last problem appear on my grand Ma light.
    When I tryng to switch all the button led stays on.
    I send it to the italian distributors and he is changing all the dmx card.
    My trouble is: in a dmx card there are a lot of components, why I need to change (and to pay) the full dmx card??
    The power where we plug the board was good and tested
    In september my grand ma full size was locked, and was stopped for two months.
    I always use a great care, with my consoles

    My questions are:
    I'm unlucky, or you can improve the components ?
    can i spend every year money to repair the desks?

    I've buyed 1 grand ma light, 2 grand ma full size, 1 grand ma nsp, 1 grand ma video.

  • Dear Johannes,

    I'm sure that the problems my consoles are unfortune events.
    I remain a strong supporter of Grand MA philosophy,
    but i'm sure that some time, the quick solution is not the cheaper.
    Maybe that I don't need to change the complete dmx card, but only a component.

    I love grand ma, but at the same time i don't like to waste my money


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