dot2 tips+tricks no.44 [en] follow mode offset values

  • Hello everybody out there,
    here comes our next Tips & Tricks clip!
    In this one, we quickly talk about the use of the Follow mode in dot2 onPC and dot2 3D and how to give the follow target offset values.
    This can be used to follow artists on stage in an exact height- so something really useful for live performances.
    Of cause you can use this to do quicker position presets.
    Have a look!

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  • A good description of the process, Qincy! Some of '3Ders' already know this feature, ; I see programmers take many keystrokes/mouse rolls to 'Align' to a position....many lights! I have noticed something with Dot23D and the Follow command in latest version. In MA2, I can seamlessly and quickly manipulate the Follow object[red dot]. In Dot2, I have some amount of difficulty getting a smooth movement on the Stage Plane.

    I seem to get a 'snapping' of the Follow avatar[red dot] on my UI[same machine renders both MA MA3D products]; it being difficult to accurately position the object in the Stage View. The 'snapping' seems to be from fixture to fixture or to edge of the Stage Plane, this is not something I realize in the other MA2 MA3D software. Is there a Snap radio box or setting in some location, is this perhaps a glitch in rendering card?


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