Color effects not working with movers

  • Some color effects just dont seem to work with my movers. I have martin 250's and Intimidator 250's

    Neither seem to be able to use the rainbow, or color wheel effects.

    Have reset them, but thats as far as I got and simply havent been using those effect options.

  • Hi,
    rainbow eff is mentioned for RGB or CMY color mixing, which Mac 250 Spot does not have. The second type of head I do not know. It has color wheel. You can make from color to color effect or from value to value effect.

    Dot2 can take even from to steps of color eff from presets, which is fine.
    Just press MA+4 (Color presettype), sin symbol at the top of its window, choose Color hard effect and then High, Preset, choose one of color preset, Low, and the same. Effect will jump between your two color presets.

    Rainbow like, on Mac 250 - try color wheel spin value for Color 1, or set Effect from-to, but with fade and play with First and last color. If it will fade depending also on how the manufacturer sets color wheel behaviour or also if there is not set Snap for Col 1 channel in the personality. Some fixtures steps colors to 50 %, then fade them. Try it.

    For me, Seq, Cue1 white, Cue 2 Orange (or last color of your color wheel), and fade it between via X fader, Go or turn it as a Chaser with Fade. Just experiment with it. Sometimes colorwheel jump from last to first color from "the second side", shortest way, and fade is not possible due the head firmware itself. You can put a middle Cue with a middle color in the Color wheel to force head firmware to decide to go back from the last to the first color back in the right way.



  • Thank you for the reply. I realized the rainbow effrct would not work with color wheel fixtures shortly after posting. I did figure the color wheel effect would work just like the gobo rotation would and can rotate the color wheel at the speed you would like.

    I think your suggestion of just doing a 2 color hard and then can play with the fade and rate to roll through the wheel. I do believe the martin 250's go shortest path to color. However I was playing with the 2 color hard to do some quick two color transitions without going through the whole wheel so would use the two colors directly beside eachother on the wheel. Yet often it will go the other direction and still roll through a bunch. Still playing with it though.

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