Fixtures snaps to 0%

  • Hi

    I'm having issues with fixtures snapping to zero percent. For example I'm using a executor and then want to increse intensity with the intensitywheel, The fixtures often snapps to 0%. Also it happens When pressning please two times (to lock parameters with the programmer).

    Side question. should the later happen in a manual crossfade? When stoppning the fader in between 2 cues, fixtures jump to end values instead of locking where they actully are When pressning please two times.

  • Hi,

    I assume both of your questions are related to the same issue. I guess you are trying to store the actual dmx output composed out of different executors. Therefore you try to grab the actual value by pressing please two times, right?

    The problem with this workflow is that the console can't store fadet values between two cues. If you stop the fade inbetween the cues the console has internally already calculated the values from the end of the fade and this is the value the console currently deals with. So by pressing please twice you activate the target value after you fade and not the current value.

    Maybe you can use the Storelook function to reach you goal. :)


  • Okey kind of what i assumed, thanks for the tip. I`m not sure that it`s only when mixing cues, some cues does this anyway. I`ll try to find a specifik situation when it happens.

    Kind regards Anders.