OFF in cmd multiple cues

  • Hello, I have a small problem.

    So I have made colors for my fixtures at one execbutton (10cues,screen shot). Idea is, to turn off runing effects which is on execbuttons by cmd command(in my case: Off Executor 2 Thru 3 + ExecButton1 101 Thru 105 + ExecButton1 201 Thru 206), everything works except that, it only works for CUE 1, if I go CUE 2 it doesn`t turn them off!

    Whats the problem?

    EDITED: One more annoying problem, everytime I hit enter(after entering cmd command) cue list scrolls to end.And I need scroll back to cmd

  • If needed will send laternas showfile. Currently in actual show.

    . I have executor with 10 cues. I have execbutton with soft dimmer effect. In executor cue 1 i have cmd command off execbutton soft dimmer (of course it has correct numbers and so on) in cue 1 of executor it turn off soft dimmer, but in cue 2 it doesnt, even command is same.

    I will make video if needed and send you to email with showfile. Thank

    Edited: sent a email