Effect Time Bug

  • I have a strobe effect on a executor with button set to flash. I have "use master rate" as well as every other option unchecked, yet if I have effect time up at all, it sets that delay time to the effect even though I'm telling it not to use any rates.

    Trying to hit the flash button, it immediately go into the effect, and turn off once I release the button. I use my exec time for other things in the program so dont want my flashes to use any rates at all.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Thomas,

    normally the Exec Time is ignored by a flash button, so it should work exactly like you expect it.

    I tried this here in a new show and it works also perfectly. So here is what I've done:

    - load a new show

    - patch some QWOs from Clay Paky

    - Select a bunch of fixtures

    - set strobe to the value I like e.g. 20Hz

    - store this as a cue on exec 1.1

    - bring the Exec Time to max

    If you now press the flash button of exec 1.1 (the lower one) all MLs are strobing like expected.

    Can you try this in a new show? Maybe this problem is showfile related!?


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