color dimmer, follow target for dimmer in 3d

  • Hello.
    Can I put a color on the dimmer beam in 3d? Something like putting a filter on a conventional reflector? What is the "Follow Target" position for the dimmer? I know that the moving head follows this point. But what does dimmer do? Because in my show probably nothing ... ?(

  • Thank you, Roberts. This is exactly what I asked. Any idea about follow targets for dimmer? And one more question. My patch is unchangeable. Headlight suspension points, always the same. Space, or scene, always the same. Only the angles of the headlight setting and the content of the show, ie cue and executory, change. I have a built stage Ma3d with suspended spotlights, recorded in one of the performances. My question. How can I combine this scene with 3d with other show in dot2, which were saved earlier? Do I have to build a separate stage for each show?

  • Hi @nasula,

    I hope I have understood you correctly and I think the solution for your issue is to export the environment from one show and import it into another. This would bring your stage from one file to the other. Please go to File/Export/Export Environment.

    I'm not sure about the "Follow Target" function...which one do you mean? The button in dot2 3D?


  • Export environment is not all that I wanted. Exports everything except fixtures with their positions. But I did it almost. I opened the 3D objects tab, selected all fixtures positions and copied them. Later, I opened a show in which I had fixtures with other items, again the 3D objects tab, I marked everything and paste. It works beautifully. It does not copy only the "change object" you have to do it manually. Probably. Unless there is a more "civilized" way to copy fixtures from show to show?
    And it is so great that I do not have to put everything in the older show from the beginning. :thumbup:
    Is it possible to change the beam angle for PAR LED in 3D? Possibly on what model to change so that it could be done? Of course, without "pushing" the patch?

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  • To get an 'adjustable' beam angle in your Conventional/LED PAR[without using a DMX channel], you will need to change the model to one that has the 'ZOOM' attribute embedded within the model itself, outside the Patch. I do not believe there is a default fixture that will allow for adjusting the beam angle outside the fixture profile. You would need a custom model for the visualization.

  • Hey Guys,

    the Beam Angle can be adjusted in the Fixture Builder. So simply export the file in which you want to change the angle and load it into the Fixture Builder. As soon as your changes are done you can import the file back into the console.

    Regarding Follow Target: The button enables / disables, if the area can be used for the follow function of the dot2 3D software.


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