Effect Stomp Options

  • I have a lot of my pan/tilt effects stored on executor buttons which allow me to turn them on and off. However as I am going from one effect to the other live, its easy to have 3 values being outputted.

    Looking for an easy way with the least amount of key strokes to stop just those specific effects. Stomp only mutes it, and MA > off > all executors turns everything off. As of now, have to tap the toggle button for each executors that are currently running for that effect

    Can add each effect to a cue list and store to fader so that I can use the auto off option, however was looking for another option to not toggle through each cue to get to the effect that I want at that moment.

    Ideally would like to assign a fader to auto off just the effect on my movers, this can include any effects of any kind.

  • Once I got to dig more into the user manual, I did find how to store stomps to the cue list, So simply highlight your fixtures you want the effect to stop, click stomp in the effect menu, then store as a cue to fader. Now will Stop any effect running with just a fader.

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